About Venice

Who hasn't dreamt in his/her life to spend at least a romantic weekend in the city of Casanova? Well, here is your chance to have a preview of this fantastic location, where - simply put - everything is a must see. The charme of the alleys (calle), the charme of the small shops and tavernas nested into them, the historical palaces, the bridges....the best thing to do is to get lost and follow the mysterious alleyways and backstreets...and if you ignore your exact location, just pretend to be sure and keep walking in the maze. Built on 117 islands, Venice is crossed by 409 bridges, among them, the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) is the most famous, and its name derives from the fact that nearby there is the Piombi prison (where Casanova too was incarcerated) from which the sighs of those living in its misery, or sentenced to death were...waiting and wailing.

It's by water that you find the other transportation modes apart from your...feet.One is the vaporetto, the other is the gondola. One of the most beautiful buildings in Venice is the Palazzo Ducale, an imposing masterpiece of the Gothic era, which served either as residence of the doge, or as administrative heart of the Serenissima Republic. Do not miss the chance, once there, to visit the several museums on Piazza San Marco, such as the Archaeological museum and the Marciana Library.

Apart from its timeless beauty, Venice is famous for the several events that take place all the year long, from its carnival to the Biennale, hence the best advice is to book your stay in advance...

Come and experience the part of Italy that is located on numerous small islands that belong to the Venetian Lagoon. Rent your very own Venice holiday apartment rental you can see this strange sight from your very own accommodation. Known as a magnetic point for sweethearts, lovers, artists and poets, Venice is a magic city. In Venice you'll find many historical buildings, both with modern interiors and the traditional design that's common all over the city. Renting an apartment means you can soak up the romantic atmosphere at affordable prices.

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