Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth


The 4 star Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth can be considered one of the most exclusive hotels of Venice. We have accommodated guests from all over the world, including the famous author Franz Kafka. The hotel is situated at a stones’ throw from the most famous square in the world, St. Mark’s Square, as well as the main tourist sites, such as the Basilica of St. mark, the Bell Tower, the Doge’s Palace, and faces the Riva degli Schiavoni, offering guests the not to be missed view of the Basin of St. Mark and the Venice Lagoon.

The spacious and refined interiors of the Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth are furnished with epochal furniture, beautiful Murano glass all surrounded by the typical atmosphere of large Venetian dwellings. Polychromatic marble decorates the walls and pavements of the large rooms and the bar where a typical “Spritz”, typical local aperitif, can be sipped as well as special cocktails such as the Gabrielli, Bellini and Rossini. In the summer the flowery court is ideal for breakfast or a candlelight dinner. A second courtyard encloses a beautiful well-head, probably originating in the late Byzantine age. The icing on the cake of the Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth is its enchanting garden, in a city such as Venice where the most part of the gardens are hidden from view, hence, making it difficult for tourists to utilise them. Populated with palm trees, roses, wisteria bowers, aquatic plants in antique shaped stone basins and all overlooked by two imposing cedars of Lebanon, makes it an ideal place for a rest after a tiring day. Moreover, the hotel is equipped with meeting rooms (max 70 people) and is equipped with a water entrance.





Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth Riva degli Schiavoni, 4110
30122 Venice, Italy

+39 041 5231580
+39 041 5209455


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