Biennale di Venezia


The world's most prestigious contemporary art exhibition, the 2005 Venice Biennale (Biennale di Venezia), running from June and until November, has already set a record for the largest number of participants in the Biennale's 110-year history, with 70 countries presenting exhibitions. Arounder presents some of the more notable exhibits in fullscreen QTVR panoramas: - Fabrizio Plessi's Mare Verticale (Vertical Sea) is a 44 m high steel and aluminum boat-shaped light-emitting structure on the water in front of the entrance to the Giardini. - Kicsiny's "Pump Room" and "Winterreise" (Winter Journey), part of his four video-and assemblage-based works, entitled "An Experiment in Navigation", explore the peculiar existence of Venice as viewed through the lens of a landlocked country with strong images and absurdist humor, along with a dose of Magrittean Surrealism. In "Pump Room", twelve kneeling human figures wearing pajamas and diver's helmets drink out of a sacrificial chalice. And in "Winterreise", two cassock-wearing mannequins with fencing masks and light bulbs for heads face opposite directions on a pair of long skis. Kicsiny's Pump Room and "Winterreise" (Winter Journey), part of his acclaimed "An Experiment in Navigation" series; the Italian Pavilion; and the Nordic Countries Pavilion. - The soundproofed, dark spaces of the Italian Pavilion allow paintings and sculptures by such late artists as Francis Bacon, Philip Guston and Agnes Martin to remain the focal point of the exhibition. - The Nordic Pavilion houses distinct projects of alternate days: Miriam Bäckström's sound installation, "Amplified Pavilion" and Matias Faldbakken's video work "Black Screen".





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